Monday, February 15, 2010

Lessons Learned

I decided to do something cute and crafty for Jackson's valentines for his class. I found this great idea to make heart-shaped crayons here. It was really super easy and fun to make.  I put 2 heart-shaped crayons in a little baggie with some conversation hearts, then attached a cute label with a crayon box pixture that said: Thanks for "coloring" my school days with fun and laughter. Cute, right!  Well, both my husband and a friend commented that the crayons could be mistaken for chocolate or candy. Not wanting to change my plan, I argued that the baggies would be opened at home and surely parents will read the label prior to letting their child eat what is in the bag. Famous. Last. Words.
Wrigley watched in envy while we made the bags, periodically asking if he was going to get a candy baggie. Keep in mind that Wrigley helped unwrap and break the crayons. He watched while I put the crayons in the hear-shaped muffin pan and put them in the oven. He also was in ear shot during the grown-ups discussion over kids eating the crayons. 

Wrigley got his little bag before he went to bed and was told that he could have a piece of candy in the morning. Of course, first thing he asked for in the morning was his baggie. I gave him the baggie and sat him down at the kitchen table while I poured my coffee. A few minutes later I heard, "Mommy, these candies taste yucky". SERIOUSLY! Yep, big 'ole bite of crayon.

The entire ride to school was spent grilling Jackson on what he needed to say to each one of his friends: The big hearts in your valentine candy bag are crayons NOT candy!

Lessons Learned:
 1) I should have paid more attention to my 3 year old before giving him crayons that resembled candy.
2) I really shouldn't lay such a burden on my 6 year old to warn his friends about my cute little bags that I refused to re-make:) They really were cute!
3) I may have the pickiest child on earth, but I also have one who will eat anything!

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  1. If you want the MckLinky, I can add it!!! Sorry, I didn't know anyone was going to link up! :-)

  2. No, that is ok:) I wrote it last night and when I went to your blog and saw that it wasn't there, I went in and changed it! No worries:) I so appreciate the links in the past.

  3. There, I got it up for ya and linked you too!

    BTW, cute idea with the crayons!

  4. I love the story! That is too funny...note for future because the crayons are a super cute idea.

  5. Hillarious Shea! It was a great idea and too cute!

  6. those are so cute!
    I have a beautiful blogger award for you over on my site

  7. Stopping by from Follow Friday. Oh well, no one ever died from eating crayons. LOL! It was actually a great idea.

  8. What a great idea!
    but I'll be sure to put it on the back burner til DD is 5 years or older :)