Monday, November 16, 2009

How I love the Corn Chowder....too bad Jackson doesn't!

I must be on some kind of soup/chowder kick. Even though it is still in the 80's here in Orlando, I feel like it should be cold and therefore, soup/chowder is appropriate.
No one in my family, except me, is big on corn. Even Wrigley says he doesn't like "pa-corn". But, I thought hidden in the soup it might work. I found a really good recipe on All Recipes and it turned out wonderful! Very flavorful and hearty. However, Jackson wouldn't even attempt a bite. Shocking, I know! I am starting to wonder why I even make dinner. Jackson's hatred for all things not named Mac and Cheese has started to infiltrate Wrigley. So, now when I tell Wrigley it is time for dinner, he says: "I don wan dinna". Nice! I am trying not to get frustrated, but it is getting increasingly more difficult. I feel really good about what I am serving in that it is healthy and yummy, but is it worth all the effort if no one but Adam and I eat?
Tonight I am going back to the basics and serving Baked Spaghetti. Maybe one dinner where everyone eats will keep me motivated...

Here is the recipe for the chowder, which really was good. I had a lot leftover and was able to freeze some for the days when it actually is cold around here. I followed the recipe exactly, but some of the commented suggestions sounded good, too.

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