Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Forget what I said....

I am the BEST cook ever:) Ok, not even close. But, I did make a dinner tonight in which I did not use a recipe at all! And, it was super tasty and very healthy. If you had read last nights post, you should be expecting me to write about BBQ Fajitas. Well, at the last minute I decided those did not sound appetizing at all. So, instead I decided to just make plain old boring fajitas. I was too much in a hurry to look anything up on-line or in a cookbook, so I decided to "wing" it. I cut up some chicken breast and seasoned with salt and pepper. Then sautéed the chicken in olive oil and occasionally splashed lime juice. While that was cooking, I cut up a green pepper and yellow onion and proceeded to saute them as well. This was all served with whole wheat tortillas, fat free cheese and low-fat sour cream. I am sure that if you have major cooking skills, you feel that I just spent a few minutes blogging about what must seem like the equivalent of boiling water. But, to me, this was a major deal! A whole meal (that tasted REALLY good) prepared without the use of a recipe. Yea me!
Now the question at hand. Did Jackson eat dinner? Sort of. He took shredded cheese and wrapped it in a tortilla and ate. Does that count? No chicken, no peppers, no onions. In fact, as I am writing this he is still sitting at the dinner table contemplating taking a bite out of the smallest piece of chicken I could find. My husband and I had a switching of arms tonight and he was the bad cop. I was impressed that Jackson ate a whole wheat tortilla without complaint and was willing to allow ice cream without eating chicken. My husband, however, stepped in and said absolutely not. Cut to 10 minutes of arguing, crying, negotiating, etc....oh! Jackson just ate the chicken:) How about that for a play-by-play! Ice cream is served. And, I quote from Jackson, "It tasted like that bean I one time ate at Brandon's (his cousin)."
So, all is good at the Bates household tonight. Mommy is impressed with her mad cooking skills and is deciding what her cooking show will be called, Daddy is thrilled that his parenting skills worked, and Jackson gets ice cream after only having to sacrifice one nibble of chicken. Life is good!
Whole Wheat Pasta tomorrow....


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