Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taco Night!

Tacos are usually high on the list of things that kids will eat. Not my kid!

As part of our healthy eating, I am trying to limit the amount of the proccessed foods we consume. So, I made my own taco seasoning rather than using a taco seasoning packet. I don't know how much more nutrious mine was, but it was fun experimenting. I used chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper and cilantro. Tasty, but still needs work. Hmmmm...I could have read the back of one of those seasoning time!

Jackson does not like to try new meats. Shocking, I know. He wanted to eat a tortilla with cheese, but I insisted that I sprinkle some of the taco meat in the wrap. When I say "sprinkle", I mean barely put any meat at all in the tortilla. Most humans would not even be able to decipher between one taco with the meat and one without. My son, however, is apparently not human. Either that or his taste buds have some sort of super strength. Long story short, he went to bed hungry. I also added my strawberry/bannana mixture on the plate in hopes that seeing it two nights in a row would encourage him trying. Not so much. That is an "expert" tip I have heard many times-they may refuse a food once, but if they keep seeing it on the plate thay may become brave and try it. I will keep including it with dinner as Wrigley and I like the mixture very much!

One thing that did work for me was to have Jackson write our menu on his chalkboard while I made dinner. This kept him busy and gave him a chance to try and spell some words he wasn't familiar with. He enjoyed that portion of dinner, anyway:)

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  1. How frustrating it must be for you. When I was little I wouldn't eat anything but mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. I made my dad crazy because I wouldn't even try jelly ( I still don't like it!) But the older I got the more I ate, don't give up!