Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm starving my child...

Pasta, chicken, cheese. What kid wouldn't like that combo? Granted there are also mushrooms and peas, but still. Based on my small little victories last week, I thought it was time to take it up a notch and try and get some visible vegetables in our dinner.
The "expert" tip I tried this go around was to add vegetables to a dish that also includes "kid approved" food. For example, to get a child to eat broccoli-drown it in cheese. Chicken Tetrazzini is a great dish to accomplish this...if you are feeding any child other than Jackson!
I use Martha's (who needs no last name) recipe from her website (see link below) and it is really labor intensive for a novice cook. I end up using 4 different pans, I have to make a "roo"-don't I sound like a cook:), and I have to time things very well and really concentrate on the recipe. So, it doesn't help when Jackson comes in the kitchen every 5 minutes informing me that he will not be eating the dinner. So much fun to slave over a dinner that you suspect is not going to get eaten! But, I didn't get frustrated. I told him that it was his choice to eat and if he chose not to eat the dinner provided that meant he was choosing to starve.
Cut to dinner on the table, him eyeing the finished result and saying, "Starve". Now, here is just another reason a picky eater in the house can be a problem. My youngest, who is normally a very good eater, heard his brother complain about the meal and also said he would not eat. Picky eaters can be a virus-beware! I did eventually convince Wrigs to eat and he enjoyed every bite!
Now, I could have forced Jackson to try a bite. I have discovered, though, that this then becomes about control and I wasn't willing to have a sparring match tonight. Especially when the Chicken Tetrazzini was calling my name!!! So good! I heart Martha:)
Although I did not win Jackson over with my meal, I feel like I did win in terms of only cooking one meal and not allowing any arguing to happen over food. Plus, I have the last laugh-tomorrow we are having leftovers!!! MooWahhahahah!!!! (Imagine that sounding like Dr Evil).

Link to recipe (although it is labor intensive, this recipe is enough to cook one-freeze one. So, all that work will pay off again in a few weeks! Lucky little Jackson!):

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