Sunday, October 4, 2009

When I search "Picky Eater" on Google, I get 4.5 million results. Clearly I am not alone! A lot of websites indicate that this too will pass. Eventually he will come into his taste buds and he will open up to new foods. Don't be concerned about his nutrition, they say. Well, he is my child and I can't help but be concerned that he is developing unhealthy eating habits that will follow him his whole life. Right behind those concerns is a looming, dark feeling called Guilt!
The other issue I have is the time I spend and money that gets wasted on the various meals I have to prepare each night. Just tonight, the night before I start my challenge, I made 3 different dinners. A wonderful french onion soup and baked chicken for me and my husband, a hot dog (that went half eaten) and chips for Jackson, and a Kids Cuisine for my youngest son (who didn't eat a bit of it and ended up eating the second half of the hot dog!). I am not only a short order cook, but a short order cook whose meals get set back to the kitchen! I know I made my bed, but now it is time to mess up the sheets!
Tomorrow's meal will be, nutritious, delicious and kid-friendly! I am not the best cook, by the way-I have to try really hard to put together a meal. One time my mom asked Jackson why he didn't eat and he said, "Because Mommy's food doesn't taste good". Precious, isn't he!
I am not naive to think it will happen in one day, but I do have high hopes that one day, one beautiful day, I can tell my kids what I am making for dinner and they will say "Yea!" or "Awesome, Mom. Can't wait!" Ok, I will just settle for anything other than them throwing themselves on the floor and screaming "NO!".


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