Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Steak and Ice Cream

Growing up when we asked my mom what was for dinner, the usual reply was "chicken". It is still an on-going joke in our family that whenever anyone asks about dinner, one of us will quickly say "chicken". The other night when Jackson asked what was for dinner, he followed up with, "please don't say chicken". Like mother, like daughter:) So, I decided to mix it up this week and serve steak. This would also give me a chance to serve vegetables on their own and see what happens. Since we are not on a "filet" budget, I went with top sirloin cuts and poked them several times with a fork to make them more tender. I like my steaks simple, so I poured some steak sauce and salt and pepper then threw those bad boys on the grill! For the veggies I placed potatoes, zucchini and squash in foil with butter and grilled with the steaks-tasty.
I knew going into tonight that Jackson eating was a long shot. But, I had an ace in my pocket
and its name is Twistee Treat! (Sorry, didn't mean to sound like Junie B. Jones!) My main goal for tonight was to at least get Jackson to taste everything on the plate. The last few
meals, I have gone with letting him starve if he didn't want the meal and letting him off the hook of even making an attempt. Twistee Treat was the carrot to entice him to at least try everything and it worked!
Total tally for the night: 4 bites of steak, 1 bite of potato, half a grape. Now, I know to a lot of people this sounds like a joke of a meal. But, for Jackson to even eat one bite of something other than hot dogs or macaroni and cheese is like getting me to eat sushi. Which, by the way, NEVER going to happen! Notice the difference between the facial expressions in my two kids.These pictures are a metaphor for their eating habits...

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