Sunday, October 25, 2009

Turkey...not just for Thanksgiving!

Last week was a crazy week for us, so I didn't spend too much time cooking elaborate meals. Jackson was able to eat hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and chick-fil-a all in one week! I think he was hoping my cooking days were over, but unfortunately for him I am still on my mission!
One of the staples of Jackson's lunches that I pack is turkey wraps. Nothing fancy-just turkey and american cheese rolled in a tortilla. So, I thought that maybe he would like turkey for dinner. Plus, I would like for him to actually partake in Thanksgiving this year by eating with everyone rather than crying under the table. I thought getting him used to eating turkey would help, so dinner tonight was turkey breast, mashed potatoes and green beans. Believe it or not, I have never made turkey other than on Thanksgiving! I have gotten better at it each year, though, and even "brined" the turkey last year. Anyway....back to my point. I had no idea how to cook this little turkey breast. I researched the internet and after reading endless recipes containing ingredients I did not have, I patted the thing with butter and tossed it in the oven. The green beans were an adventure as I cooked bacon, then added onions to the bacon fat then tossed in the green beans and added back the bacon. Not too bad:) My mashed potatoes have gotten a lot better over the years, but I think I need to stop making them. Mashed potatoes are a food weakness for me. I can literally eat an entire bowl of mashed potatoes and not think twice. My thighs usually take issue with this, but I am ok with consuming a whole bowl full of yummy carbs! Hence why I need to stop making them all together.
So, did jackson eat dinner? That would be a big fat.....NO! And I am sorry to say that the old frustrations came out to greet us tonight. There was arguing, pleading, yelling. It wasn't pretty. Looking back I realized I made some rookie mistakes. 1) My counter-part in this mission was MIA. He had to umpire until 7pm and the kids were not willing to wait. Without him backing me up, I was doomed. 2) The kids were cooped up in the house all day as I needed to give them a day of rest after dragging them 15 different places yesterday. They were restless and just plain grumpy by dinnertime. 3) I had made no dessert and therefore lost all of my leverage.
Wrigley, however, ate like a champ! I have noticed that he is quite enjoying this challenge as he gets to experience food other than Kraft Mac and Cheese. He couldn't even wait for me to take a picture before grabbing a grape off the plate!
Tomorrow was supposed to be leftovers, but I think I will give him a break and make the Quiche that is scheduled for Tuesday. Ok, to be honest, the turkey wasn't all that and I can't bear the thought of eating it again:)


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